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 Rules for RDK

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PostSubject: Rules for RDK   Sat Jun 25, 2011 12:54 am

1. You must be able to roleplay to be eligible to become a part of this group. This means that you must be able to T1 on an acceptable level. I will stand for none of the shorthand, and unless otherwise told you are to always make an entrance into the room.

2. This rp is Master and Submissive friendly, if you don't like that then this is not the rp for you. Along with that I do NOT want any bashing of ANYONE. That includes all races, sexualities, religions, and etc.

3. Unneeded drama will not be put up with. That does not mean rp fights, that means mixing rl with rp. It is two different worlds.

The next portion is self written T1 rules which I think covers everything along with regulations for RDK.

T1 fighting

T1 is a turn based text fighting style. Many different variations exist such as; Hand to Hand, Regular weapons ( No abilities ), Enchanted weapons ( No abilities), Full abilities, and Team. In the majority of the variations, the side ratio stays the same (One on One and One on Team). The only match up that differs from the usual one against one (Be it one person or one group) is Team against Team which is very rarely used. However all of these are counted as regular T1. Irregular T1 is when the side number is greater than two (One on One on One, Team on One on Team, Free for all). Now these are all variations of T1, but the only way that one or more of the combatants can die is for all sides to agree to make the fight a Deathmatch. Deathmatches must always have no less than three judges, either side cannot be booted or the one who was not booted is automatically counted as dead (This is a note for the room owner. Do not boot those that are in a Deathmatch unless you boot both parties), leaving during a Deathmatch can only not result in a death if certain circumstances have occurred (RL reasons such as you lost power. For those of you who leave and think the fight must restart and you will get out of a tight spot, think again. The fight will recommence from where it was left off since the log will be saved by no less than one judge), once the number of the sides has been decided upon there is no having a friend jump in the fight to save you (If you have someone assist you in the fight who was not part of the fight to start with then you are counted as automatically dead).


The introduction is the first post each side makes in the fight. The intro is much like the entrance post that one makes when entering a room and should always include a few key points to prevent arguments from starting later and stopping God Mod should one side try to add something that they did not have on them (Your opponent is weak against Silver. Unless you started the fight with a Silver weapon, you cannot later have one on you). What each intro post should include, not including the usual side additions, is as follows; Who you are, Anything special about you (Hidden blades, being a spiritual creature, etc), what you have on you such as armor and weapons, skills you may be using in the fight (Lores, Magics, Elements, etc ). Now added to this, the first poster has the chance to create the battlefield (Terrain, Weather, Surroundings). Should the first poster not make the battlefield, then the second poster is allowed to create the battlefield. In team T1, each member of the side that is making the battlefield is allowed to add to the battlefield (First teammate: Weather, Second teammate: Terrain, and Third teammate: Surrounding)


The rules of T1 are always thus unless decided upon prior to the fight.

Force Hit- The act in which an action is forced upon your opponent. True you are trying to hit your opponent, but you are not allowed to call the hit on them (He punches the opponent in the face). What you do is try to create an attempted hit (He throws a right hook aimed at the opponent’s chin). The more detail you add, the easier it is to make an attack that your opponent can not think of a way to block or dodge.

God Mod- Many things fall under the category of God Mod. Among those are;

Actions that break the laws of physics without the ability to perform such an action (This is one of those special things that you must add in the introduction)

Being untouchable (The act in which one refuses to take any hits or dodges in a manner that would not actually work. I.E. Stepping to the side to dodge a large area attack)

Being unable to die (All characters, no matter what or who they are, must be able to die. The manner in which they can be killed however does not have to be simple. I.E. Regular lycanthropes can only be killed by silver weapons. However one type of damage is always fatal except to a very small handful of species. Decapitation. I do not care who you are, if your species cannot survive without the head, then neither can you. Along with all of this, there is no legal species that can only be killed by a certain species. If you exist, then anyone can kill you should they find the correct way)

Having no form of weakening over a long fight or after a strong attack (I have seen many fights in which someone uses an attack that can “Destroy a planet” and having the attack blocked or avoided and then they go on as if nothing happened. An attack with that much power would have a huge drain of energy which means that after this attack was launched, the one that used it would be weakened. Now as to being drained as a fight goes on, that should be obvious. Fighting in the real world, when a fight goes on for so long or you take so much damage, you begin to weaken.)

Along with these is what we call “Power Play” Someone using this will have their character set up in such a way as to make anything you do completely pointless. For example, someone enters with an army of souls surrounding them. You can only kill one soul at a time and when a soul is attacked the energy of the attack is transferred to the one controlling the soul. The souls cannot be banished or purified by anyone except for the one controlling the souls. You must remove the army of souls to be able to get to the controller; you cannot attack him before they are all gone. (You should all be able to see that this is way too much. The God Mod is not in a single phrase, but in the group. This character would be untouchable by you while you have to fight an army who you can only kill one at a time, in other words one per post if you could even manage to make a kill per post. In the meantime you have to fight an army and the controller who is constantly gaining power from any attack you make to a soul. By the time you would be done with the army, the controller would be supercharged and you would be exhausted. Aka, you are just plain screwed)

The prior mentioned not having more than what you started a fight with.

Now added to this list I have a few rules that apply to RDK. This is personal preference at this point, I have been rping for a long time and I have seen alot of people misusing abilities and trying to get away with them. Well in my rp at the very least I will not be allowing that which I see as illegal.

Teleporting- Many new fighters dodge by the use of teleporting or teleporting speeds such as the Bleach Shadow Stepping technique. Teleporting is legal but only if you have charged the teleport in a prior turn. Single turn teleportation is illegal for the fact that it is a dodge that can be used when there would otherwise be none. This also applies to “phasing”.

Time affecting- You are not allowed to control the flow of time for the sole reason that it is not counterable. One could stop time and simply walk up to the opponent and kill them. Now one’s reaction time can have them seeing an attack as if it was slowed, but they cannot move as they normally would in this slowed point of view. Their speed is the same; they just can start to move away or start to block faster (Aka they have a faster reaction speed).

Innate weakness- Many people have made variations to the normal species that they are using and remove a weakness without adding one. This is God Mod in my opinion since you are taking away without giving. I use a Dark Lycanthrope. Silver burns normal lycans and is the only thing that can kill them. However my Dark Lycanthrope species can use silver weapons without being burned. To make up for the loss of weakness to silver, now any weapon (Meaning from wood to metals and anything in between) can kill my species. (Take note that you are not allowed to make the change into something such as a mineral you created. “Electromantium weapons are the only way I can be killed.” That is a metal I just thought up so of course no one would have a weapon that could kill me. Hence this would be a God Mod).

Mind Reading- If a person is thinking something and it is not said out loud, unless you know the character very well and can tell something is wrong or they are acting oddly you cannot know what is going on in their mind. Entering someone’s mind can only happen if they allow it. A reason for this being a God Mod in battle is that if you are reading your opponent’s mind then you are forcing the mind read upon them.

OOC information- Nothing annoys me more than when someone knows something about you that they should not. If you are using something such as hidden blades, then your opponent would of course not know IC. OOC they would but their character cannot act as if they know about them. (And example would be knowing someone’s name before they make an entrance). Along with that, using information from something like a bio which is posted is another version of OOC information.
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PostSubject: Re: Rules for RDK   Mon Jun 27, 2011 5:27 am

If you have a dispute over one of the rules then please let me know and I will either have a talk with you to discuss the matter or merely reply here should it be something simple.
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Rules for RDK
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